Discovering Art on a Rescue Mission

     An Introduction
I’m Shanna. 
Or Ischande, or that loud, big, surprisingly tall woman who has a lot of opinions, a lot of jokes, makes pretty pictures and gushes hourly about her dogs.
I’m her, writing this post. 
Which means I’m also the owner & creator behind The Rescue Designs.

And I’m here to say: I’m Angry.

This fun, creative, feel-good project was born of anger, frustration and all the other everyday bad-awful feelings we run from, over-work ourselves to avoid and change the channel in an effort to ignore. 
But that 'why' has since changed. A new emotion now demands my determination.
Not things like sadness, or anger, or resentment. 
No, I think the thing we feel, and fear to feel the most is COMPASSION. 

I am frustrated and angry, but absolutely able of cultivating compassion.

And you are too. 

So now this:
“A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir- a constant source of energy, determination and kindness.” 
This was surprising to me in a couple ways.
Firstly, Holy shit, the Dali Lama has a Twitter account. 
And secondly, (most relevant here) maybe these crap feelings, and days, and years I was having were from a lack of commitment to compassion.
Maybe spending our time with our heads down, pushing through our days, keeping the boat steady, wasn’t a good idea. Maybe we should stand up, or crouch down, or bang our fists and say what’s bullshit, or brilliant, or a giant waste of what little time we have.
And so I set out to discover how I could transform a mundane day, week, job, even life into one that didn’t feel “bad-awful.”
This website and these things for sale, in the end- don’t matter. The Rescue Designs isn’t a big, shiny logo staring you down and burning a whole in your pocket.
It’s barely a whisper. 
A whisper in your ear that you can have compassion, and can make a difference with your dollars. That you can believe in your friends, and their talents. You can be angry, but gentle. You can be creatively compassionate and compassionately creative. And you can come back to this blog, once a week or so, to read and see how people in your community are changing lives and perspectives, creatively and compassionately.
Until then-
Adopt, don’t shop.

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  • That is a great outlook towards life and an amazing way to turn your anger into something so beautiful. You are doing a wonderful thing, keep it up!

    xx, Kusum |

    • Kusum
  • Oh yesssssss! It’s so easy to get angry and work from anger and so hard sometimes to channel that into working from and for compassion, but you and work so brillantlu do that! Please never stop! And yes always adopt don’t shop!

    • Lacey Fincher
  • Yes to all of this!! Thanks so much for all you are doing and stand for. I am sure so many dogs have you to thank for their happy little lives. Keep it up!

    • Kristin
  • I love your outlook on this, and turning things around completely. Thanks for sharing

    • Sarah
  • I loved reading about the inspiration for your business and I love how transparent and genuine you are! I hope this business goes far for you AND for the fur babies you are helping. I eagerly await the day i can adopt a dog!

    • Alyssa Bouma