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Women Worth Knowing -FEATURE

This past Monday,

Our friends at were kind enough to do a sweet little write up on The Rescue Designs, myself & our past (not quite) year of business! Keep on scrolling for a glimpse at the feature.



What prompted you to create The Rescue Designs? 
The Rescue Designs was a passion project turned lifestyle! I’ve always been animal obsessed, and have long carried the goal of opening my own domesticated animal sanctuary, here in Northern Colorado. Last summer I found myself out of a day job, aimless and wondering what I wanted to do with myself and my time. As a lifelong creative, In times of change, I always find myself sinking into my art. It was a natural choice that sort of just, took over... who was I to not surrender?!


What is the biggest thing that fills you creatively? 
That’s a hard one! I feel inspired by quiet mornings to myself. Summer, and it’s long days. I am filled by others and their time spent with me. I love Americana and beautiful shades of pink, tan and brown. Color, in general, gets me going! I can talk about it for hours. I think it’s so special, so taken for granted.


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Catch the full interview here:



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